ANOTHER WORD GAME:Inspired by boggle, Word Racer, and Wordy, the premise of this game struck me while lying in bed one morning. The object is to use up all the initial letters once while reusing letters as infrequently as possible. Points are awarded on length of word and number of reused squares.
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high scores by date or high/low

Update (1/15/15): Since Java went ahead and made itself even harder to use, I rewrote this game in javascript. So far, it should all be the same except the high scores don't work yet. Enjoy!

BUNGLE: Essentially, this combines Boggle game play, Scrabble scoring, and the tile replacement of Another Word Game. Oh, and it's timed. Like AWG, this is written in Java.
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high scores by date or high/low

WORDOMANIA:Based on the popular (and addictive) clickomania game, this is a puzzle word game similar to AWG. The object is to use as many of the initial tiles as possible. When one is used, it disappears and everything above it drops down. Once an entire column is used, everything to the right of it will slide left. This is written in Javascript, so even if Bungle and AWG didn't work, this should (although with a slightly higher chance for browser non-compatibility)
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high scores by date or high/low

MATH GAME:Totally still in testing phase, but here's an easy access link.

TAKE TWO: For years, a staple of Game Night, this Scrabble derivitive is good good fun. Now I've used javascript to adapt it for single person play.

You know it. You love it. Now play it.

HEXIN: Based on that hex math game above, Hexin was just a natural evolution. Six 4 letter words. It sounds easier than it really is.

Match Em!: Simple matching game. It's got aspects of trivia, reasoning, elimination, and luck. Good fun with more topics coming all the time.

Link Letter: Create a chain of words, each one letter different from the previous, to get from a starting word to a goal word. This one falls under the "nerdy word puzzle" catergory. Oh, and it's got a community high score feature that we all love so much.
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high scores by date or high/low

Crosswords: Just your standard run-of-the-mill crosswords like you find in newspapers around the country. The difference with these, however, is that I made them. I both arranged all the words (a feat I am overly proud of) and wrote a simple little interface to allow for easily filling in the squares (so you don't have to waste a piece of paper by printing it).

NOTE: None of these crosswords have been published in newspapers or otherwise. For my list of published crosswords, click
  1. (2/6/08) You're in My Top Level Domain Now!:(o.g. post here to follow comments, etc.) (This is my first attempt, ergo it's not so great. If you are looking for some good crosswords, have a look at some of the later ones.)
  2. (2/12/08) Family Ties:(o.g. post here to follow comments, etc.)
  3. (2/21/08) Calculator Speak:(o.g. post here to follow comments, etc.)
  4. (3/11/08) Happy Pie Day:(o.g. post here to follow comments, etc.)
  5. (5/19/08) Large Places:
  6. (6/4/08) Advice to Live By:(My first Sunday-sized puzzle)
  7. (6/30/08) Around the World:
  8. (11/11/08) Georges on My Mind:
  9. (11/24/08) Space Available:
  10. (1/20/09) Sunny Outlook:(o.g. post here to follow comments, etc.)
  11. (2/3/09) Sounds Like...:
  12. (2/10/09) We Could All Use a Little Change:
  13. (4/15/09) A Capital Idea:
  14. (4/29/09) Nod to National Poetry Month:(Sunday-sized)
  15. (5/13/09) Follow the Yellow Brick Road:
  16. (5/20/09) An American in Germany:
  17. (5/27/09) Ten Commandments (for Fido):(o.g. post here to follow comments, etc.)
  18. (6/13/09) States From the Union:(Sunday-sized)
  19. (6/19/09) Happy Father's Day:Made specifically for my dad. But go ahead and try it!
  20. (6/26/09) Mr. Sun, Do You Have the Time?:
  21. (7/8/09) Three of Four:
  22. (8/18/09) From Son to Mother:Made for my mother on her birthday. But there aren't any inside joke/info clues, so go ahead and try it!
  23. (8/30/09) On Knot Tying:Made for my buddies in honor of their wedding. Besides 2 clues, you are in the know as much as anyone, so give it a try!
  24. (10/14/09) Prefix Play:
  25. (11/1/09) Turn That Frown Upside Down:
  26. (1/26/10) Jule's Idea:
  27. (1/27/10) All About Steve:(o.g. post here to follow comments, etc.)
  28. (2/18/10) Let's Go For a Dip:I wrote this one to be included in the Anacortex zine, so it has a Fidalgo Island theme, but that won't impeded non-Anacortians from figuring it out.
  29. (3/29/10) Fill In the Limerick:
  30. (4/8/10) Inky Pinky:
  31. (4/14/10) Recipe For Yum!: (Sunday-sized)
  32. (4/25/10) Like This Puzzle:
  33. (7/22/10) Scary Movie Remakes: Non-standard 16x16 format, but totally worth it
  34. (8/18/10) For You, Ma:
  35. (9/26/10) Scram!:
  36. (11/7/10) Peek-a-boo!:
  37. (1/14/11) Happily Ever After:
  38. (9/29/11) About Time: (Sunday sized!)
  39. (11/12/11) That Tickles puz:
  40. (12/27/11) That Tickles II puz:
  41. (2/29/12) Double the Fun puz:
  42. (3/13/12) Hip to Be Square:Made for my mom when she got hip surgery
  43. (11/4/12) Secret Codes Are Fun puz:Christmas-ish themed puzzle that I got handily reject from the NYT. Fun puzzle, though!
  44. (2/2/13) A Reason For Celebrating puz:For my brother and his wife on a very special occasion.
  45. (2/9/13) Don't Fill It In puz:
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