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Couchward Bound:
I've gone looking through my records for this link enough times for it get posted here. It's a facebook app that maps where all your friends live, quite helpful when planning a road trip.

Roadside Attractions:
I gotta remember to stop by some of these someday. The Shoe Tree and Forbidden Gardens would be pretty neat.

SEA to Anywhere:
A list of prices for flights from Seattle to almost anywhere. Great fuel for the travel imagination!

Portland to Olympia Bus:
I've heard rumor of this being true for ages. Every attempt I've made online to track down schedules has failed. In this thread, someone lays out the options very clearly (about halfway down). I can't verify them via online schedules, but I'd be willing to give it a shot next time I try to make the Oly->Portland leg.

Ministry of Manipulation:
Great juggling and other manipulatory videos, etc. A good time sink.

One Panel Comics:
The Houston Chronicle online comics page allows you create your own subset of the comics it offers (so no more having to avoid Cathy and Doonsbury). Here is the list I put together. I'm quite fond of one panel comics (because my attention span is a bit on the juvenile side).

Online NOAA charts:
Thanks to Izak for the heads up on this link: all the NOAA charts, viewable online. Pretty sweet for a little tropical dreaming or pinpointing which island is which.

Like sudoku, except you use arithmetic in addition to position to figure out where the numbers go. Lots of fun. I can't wait for it to come to my local newspaper.

Image Editor:
It's amazing that Windows doesn't come with a decent image editor. I've often been stuck resizing or editing my images using MS Paint* and would have loved a utility like this. It has tons of functionality* and seems pretty easy to use. And now it is here in the link blog for me to access anytime and from anywhere.

National Press:
Being that one of my life goals is to grace the airwaves on as many NPR/PRI programs as possible*, it always makes me smile when people I know get a mention. Dave (of Dave Sensei) got his letter read on All Things Considered on Friday. It is well reasoned and well written. Check it out. (That makes 2 link blog posts in a row about friends in the national media!)

What Sneakers Say About Your Soul:
My buddy got his picture in the Wall Street Journal today (fourth from left). The concept of that article is great too, but in reading it, I was turned off by the ideas of brand name = expression, etc. I almost thought that the WSJ was in tune with me, but alas. (I'm not their type anyway).

Possum Living:
A really interesting article(/book?) about living within your means, even when your means are extremely small. While I don't agree with it all* and some of it is outdated (it sounds like it is from the 70s), it has me quite captivated.

1001 Rules:
"149. Don't let the ice cream truck get away." Here's an ongoing list of advice from a father to his unborn son. Although I don't agree with all the advice (esp. #14 and #115), it is a good read and a good chance to weigh what your own advice might be. (I really like #131 and #102.)

RoShamBo Comics are Funny:
Just stumbled upon this one and literally laughed out loud. I like comics.

The Choice Was Not Hard:
Woot, the popular deal-a-day site, has a niftly little offspring dedicated to shirts ( This was the offering for today. I'm not normally one for buying things, but I was really tempted by this. I thought it would make a great complement to my "Adulthood Stinks" shirt.

Mensa Word Play:
I got this as an e-mail forward twice in as many days. It made me laugh (even though I recall hearing/reading it sometime in the 5 years since it has been published). Laughter is good.

Simpsons Character Quiz:
Another quiz – this one is right up my alley. How many Simpsons characters can you name from their faces? I got 61 out of 63. Not bad at all. Thanks to Saxtor for the heads up.

Reactions to the Cell Phone-less:
This gave me a good chuckle. Thanks for the link, Andrea!

Middle Initial Quiz:
Mental Floss is a great magazine. Occasionally, they have a lunchtime quiz posted at their site. I had a great time with this one about Famous Middle Initials with less than famous middle names, being that a forte of mine is presidential middle names. Overall, I scored 75%. How will you do?

Walk Score:
Here's a fun site that highlights walkability of an area. It comes at a time that is very appropriate for me. Where I am housesitting gets a score of 8/100. My [mom's] house in Anacortes gets an 82. I definitely notice the difference. What score does your house get?

Catalog Choice:
I heard this site advertised* on NPR this morning. It allows you to manage the catalogs you receive in the mail, which not only saves your mail carrier lots of hard work lugging those things around, but it also is a really good thing to do for the environment (less paper used, less ink used, less weight transported across the country = less oil used, etc.). The site itself doesn't do what I hoped it would, which is list all the catalogs you currently receive and then you can just uncheck them. You gotta enter the ones you get and from there you can unsubscribe. Still a helpful little tool, but it means that you gotta save up your catalogs on your own.

The Plug:
Great little online 'zine (e-zine?) with random articles, pictures, etc. Totally hearkens back to the days all those photocopied masterpieces floating around put together by those cooler older kids. Anyway, it is good for a little time killing.

Common Errors in English:
I found this site years ago while trying to figure out the proper way to phrase "in regards to" (vs. "with regard to" or "in regard to"). Then I lost the link. Now I stumbled back on it while searching for the correct spelling of fiancee. Anyway, it is a totally awesome site and I highly recommend you check it out.

Combat Global Warming Image:
I just stumbled upon this neat image that sums up helpful things you can do (or not do) to have a positive effect on the environment. Sure you're prolly all seen the suggestions before, but this time it is in picture format!

Have a Darwinian Valentine\'s Day:
Another Valentine's Day contest (that I am tempted to say is cooler than the poetry contest here at BdW). The theme this year is Darwinian Valentine's Day cards. Last year's theme was Darwinian pick up lines (perhaps not suitable for some readers, as with all pick up line lists). Both are definitely worth checking out.

Beards Glorified!:
A site dedicated to beards. How awesome is that? (Hint: for those of you who were going to say "not awesome", you would have been wrong.)

Limerick Database:
If you would to hear a good rhyme
Just take a second of your time
Some are bizzare
Or they're rated-R
But I found the website sublime.

Baby Dos and Donts:
With the whole baby craze going around these days, many of us who haven't had much experience with babies is being put in situations where a certain level of baby expertise is expected. I ran across this list of what to do and what to avoid next time you are hanging out with a baby.

The Story of Stuff:
A great 20-minute video about where stuff comes from and where it goes. It is basically a critical look at our patterns of consumption. It is delivered in a fun and easy to understand way. I highly recommend having a watch and really thinking about what it is saying. Huzzah for the Use Less Stuff movement!!

Bacon Salt:
Make everything taste like bacon! I can hear my arteries crying out for it now. (Also, have a look at their blog and notice the "Bacon-flavored links" down on the right side. Who would have thought there were so many bacon related websites?)

Our Dumb World:
Take the Onion's wit and spill it all over google maps and this is what you get. Very amusing.

Nerdy Pick-Up Lines:
As with any list of pick-up lines, there are a lot of lame ones, but this list has more than most that made me chuckle. My favorite: "I wish I was your derivative so I could lie tangent to your curves." Three cheers for applied calculus!!

Consumed: Bellingham\'s Local Model:
All week, one of my favorite radio programs Marketplace has been running a series of stories on the American consumer lifestyle and its environmental impact. This particular story is about the trend towards localism* and uses Bellingham, WA as an example. It's a really great listen. (The Consumed series is featured on marketplace as well as some other American Public Media shows. Find out more here.)

J Archive!:
Got some time to kill? Love Jeopardy!? This is the site for you. All answers and questions archived from the popular game show presented in a great format for testing yourself. Also included is extremely detailed statistic on scores and more.

Invisibility Prank (video):
I'm not usually a fan of those hidden camera shows where the humor is derived by putting someone else in an awkward/scary/silly situation and watching their response (Candid Camera, Punk'd, that crazy one I saw on the trains in China*. That said, I found this clip highly amusing. (I came across it via Presurfer, one of my new favorite blogs.)

Creative Solutions to a Foreign Problem:
Anyone who has used a squatty potty only to long for the turlets of home will appreciate this creative solution. If only it would fold up and fit into a backpack. (found via Sir Maxalot)

Gmaps Pedometer:
Wonderful google maps mashup that allows you to calculate walking or biking distances with a simple point and click interface. Great for getting that feeling of accomplishment when you realized you just did some great exercise*

The Onion:
For the few that don't know about it, I present The Onion, the best satire newspaper out there today*. Be sure to check out the American Voices.

A Blog About Beer:
True to its name, this is a blog about beer. A good friend of mine runs it and does a bang up job from what I can tell*. Being that I know many of my friends are the sophisticated beer types, I thought I'd pass this along.

Simpsonize Me!:
Upload a picture of yourself, answer a few questions, and get a simpsonized version of you. (Cations: Site is all in flash (arg!), it is an in-your-face marketing ploy by Burger King (but in an amusing way), and the cartoon version of you will prolly look nothing like you (case in point).)

Sunday Puzzle from NPR:
Good brain exercise and a great way to keep your mind occupied on long commutes, etc. Plus, if you send in the right answer, you have a chance to make a fool of yourself on national radio! Updated Sundays.

Despair, Inc.:
Demotivational posters and paraphernalia at their best. Great for the office or home, and always good for a laugh.

Indie Coffee Shops:
A google maps mashup of independent coffee shops around the country. Now you have no excuse to buy from starbucks, wherever you may be. Check it out and add your favorite local java slinger to their database. The project was put together by a friend of mine. Unemployed web programmers unite!

Simple Weather:
A site for checking the current weather conditions and forecast without being absolutely inundated with ads, external links, traffic reports, weather maps, and all the other stuff. Just simple weather.

Deep Thoughts By Jack Handy:
From the good old days of SNL, these are always good for a laugh. And so much wisdom.

Best Pic Ever:
For those of us with short attention spans, sometimes a picture is all we can process. This site gives a daily smattering of humorous and other pics.
Essentially a listing of what is currently playing on every public radio station that has an internet stream. It is great for catching your favorite shows even if your local station plays them at wacky time*.

Although a somewhat tedious sign-up process, interface, and search procedure, it's a great idea that I can't help but hope succeeds and succeeds in a big way*.

Presidential Quiz:
How many presidents can you name in 10 minutes? I got 39 before I gave up with 4 minutes remaining.