A Celebration of Local Foods 2007

Apple cider
Freshly pressed celery, carrot, and apple juice
Rose hip, mint, fireweed, and honey iced-tea
Mint and honey hot tea

Hors d oeuvres:
Cabbage, fennel root, carrot, garlic, salt and lemon salad
Tomatoes, basil, cucumber, mint, garlic salad (all grown within a one block radius)
Cascadia Mushroom Works mushrooms stuffed with garlic and goat cheese
Squashes stuffed with garlic, fennel bulb and beets
Corn patties (a.k.a. failed corn tortillas, but they were still yummy)
Corn on the cob from Schuh Farms
Stir fry of mustard greens, chard, and herbs

Main Course:
Pot roast stew simmered in Mount Baker Vineyards wine
Fresh crab from Fidalgo Bay
Clam chowder with clams dug in Turner Bay
Meat balls with basil, spinach, garlic and onion
Smoked organic pork roast
Currant*, apple chutney (really yummy with the pork)

Blackberry* sorbet
Blackberry* ice cream
Peach pie with ground, toasted, hazelnut crust

All salt used was harvested from Fidalgo Bay and extracted on site
All butter used was hand churned on premises from Golden Glen Creamery cream