Fun with Ropes: World's Fastest Knot
Step 1. With your arm held to your side at a 45 degree angle up, weave your rope in front of your middle 3 fingers, so your pinky and thumb are the only fingers in front of the rope. Both tails of the rope should be behind your arm.

To get the rope to remain stationary for a second while you drop your hand, move your whole arm upward in a quick movement.

Step 2. After the quick upward movement, reach down towards the end of the tail closest to your body. The quicker the movement on this, the better.

Step 3. With your pointer and middle finger, grab the rope's tail as close as you can to the end. It is important to scissor the rope with these two fingers and fight the impulse to try to use your thumb.

Step 4. Once you've got the tail grabbed bewteen your fingers, pull up. The rope that is around the back of your hand should slide off creating the overhand knot.

Voila! You've just tied the world's fastest knot.
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