One of my passions is small website development(/design). Design gets a more minor mention because actually choosing colors and layouts is much less interesting to me than designing navigational structures, implementing appropriate technology, and making it all happen. That said, I don't have a horrible eye for layout and the sites that I have worked on have turned out quite nicely. Anyway, here's a list.

Puget Sound Trip Planner: This is a project that grew out of North Sound Transit Guide*. Easily my most technically ambitious project to date, it is a work horse of a website. The site also uses Google Maps API, which was good fun to work with. This website is really a feather in my cap both for its technical accomplishments and its value in promoting public transit.
Site has since gone offline or been redesigned.

Troothpicks: Being that this was completely my own endeavor, I elected to be somewhat bold in it's presentation. Whether my background is a bit too much, I think the site is fun and easy to navigate. Other features include PayPal integration for purchasing and random trooth related quotes on each page load.

North Sound Transit Guide: I like riding public transportation; I know the system near where I live well; I want to share that information; I created North Sound Transit Guide. It is a trip planner that links together all the transportation districts in the north sound region. It is worth noting that the server side programming (getting all the fancy functionality working) is impressive part of this website. The layout, etc. is merely a vehicle for the information.
Site has since gone offline or been redesigned.

People's Guide To Anacortes: Another personal project, this one was as much fun to design as it was to collect data for. I put some onlick action onto both the map and the index for usability. This was also my first foray into goole ads.

Jai Guitars: I did this site for a friend who refinishes guitars. They are pretty freaking awesome. Having a ton of pictures, both of the products and of logos, promo shots, etc. made it a lot of fun to make. I really like how it turned out as well, a nice change of pace from your standard left hand navigation, etc.
Site has since gone offline or been redesigned.

Colophon Cafe: There's more than meets the eye to this website. All content is modifiable by the owner of the restaurant, without the need to get a developer involved. So pretty much, I programmed myself out of a job. But that's good, at least for him. Della designed the website, working closely with me to make it functional on all platforms (mobile, etc.) and layouts. The site captures the whimsy and fun of the business while providing all info and flexibility to keep it updated. .

Home Trust of Skagit: HToS is a non-profit with a mission that I believe in. The goal was getting something up on the web that would help spread the word, inform potential participants, and be inexpensive (non-profits are always working on a budget). The website we created has a wealth of information in with manageable navigational structure.
Site has since gone offline or been redesigned.

Della Moustachella: My girlfriend is funny. She's so funny, in fact, that people like to pay her to be funny. She throws in the inspiring, heartwarming, and wonder for free. To help more people pay her, we made her a website. We think it's fun, because it is. Go check it out. Buy a book or something. Then hire me to make a website for you.

Trust Accounting Center: The task for this website was to bring an older website up to date stylistically without much change in the way of content. By adding some color, simplifying font selection, and slightly rearranging the navigation paradigm, I think we came out with a website that better portrays the currentness of the company.
Site has since gone offline or been redesigned.

Sponsor My Loans: Following with the main idea behind this web concept, I decided to try a little bit of a wacky/tacky theme. While it may not be an uber professional looking website, its wacky/tacky look suits the idea just right. In addition to designing and implementing the site, I also got to fill all the ad space for the first month as part of the barter for desiging the site. It was a great chance to design a few troothpick ads that I hope to be able to use elsewhere in the future.
Site has since gone offline or been redesigned.

Cardinal Points:A simple yet elegant solution for this small business. We didn't need any fancy javascript or flash to deliver Cardinal Point's message. With information on what they do, how to contact them, and a few links to products they supply, this website does the job, and does it well.
Site has since gone offline or been redesigned.

David C. Dupouy Woodworking: David Dupouy wanted a site to display some of his wonderful woodworking. With a focus on galleries of images, this site was a fun one to do. The innovative image swapping allows for his work to be presented in a easy to manage way. The woodgrain patterns and color selections maintain a theme throughout. All in all, I really like this website.

Upper Skagit Library District: With a lot of information to deliver to a wide audience of patrons, the USLD website offers clearly oragnized information with a design that is easily maintainable by staff and let's the personality of the library show through.
Site has since gone offline or been redesigned.

Earth Education Enterprises: While this site never really saw any action because the business idea was abandonded soon after the site was complete, I can't help but being very proud of it. It is my first site to somewhat deviate from a standard templatized look and I don't think it could have turned out better.
Site has since gone offline or been redesigned.

Peak Electrical Services: In the interest of keeping it simple and low cost, but still gaining the exposure and accesibilty that a web page brings, for this site we approached it as essentially an online brochure. We kept the layout and design clean, the information straight-forward, and I think the results turned out quite nice.
Site has since gone offline or been redesigned.
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