Sleeping Around 2020-2021

Frequent readers of BdW know that July 31st represents the end of my Sleeping Around year, this past year being the 13th of which I've kept data on where I've slept every night. Traditionally, I've used the end of the year to summarize the data, identify trends, etc. And while circumstances hardly make any comparison meaningful, consistency brings me calm, so here's the data and what jumps out to me.

The continuing pandemic and the loss of my life, work, travel, and adventure partner led to a record number of nights at home, 274, more than the 4 years spanning 2015-2019 combined. Also, for the first time in Sleeping Around history, there wasn't a single night of international travel.

# of housesitting houses7Two new clients
# of states (other than WA)4OR, IL, ID, MT*
# of countries (other than US)0Here's hoping this is a number that isn't repeated anytime soon
Longest stretch at home67 daysEven though it was a record number of days at home, it didn't beat least year's record of a 99-day streak
Longest stretch away from home12
# in car (/airplane/train)26Exclusively in a car, exactly half in the van and half in the cruze*
# in hotel/hostel10Including Airbnbs

Other observations:
  • This year saw the first time sleeping in a real tent (not glamping in the Jordanian Desert or a tropical paradise casita) in over 5 years. Comfort-wise, I can see why we faded it out, but it was nice to be reminded camping has its merits.
  • I'm somewhat surprised car-sleeping has maintained a presence. Not having a minivan makes the confines a bit tighter, but Terry the Cruze is performing admirably and having a guaranteed place to lay my head at night wherever I end up has been very nice.

Who knows what next year's Sleeping Around wrap-up post will hold. I have hopes and fears for it, but as I was reminded this year, everything can change in the blink of an eye. I guess I'll take it as it comes and do the best I can.
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