Rust In Peace

Good cars—I mean cars that we really love—don't come along very often in our lives. It is with great sadness that I had to let Marilyn go this past weekend. She lived to a ripe old age of 309,811 miles. Now she has gone to a better place, the vehicle donation program at KUOW. Hopefully someone out there will find a use for some of her parts, so she can continue to live on in one form or another.

But instead of focusing on the sad, let me look back on the good times she provided. We shared accomplishments,setbacks, learning experiences, and confusion. She took me on adventures and was always patiently waiting for me when I came home. Marilyn, you will be missed.
Monday April 16 2007File under: transportation, pics

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on Mon 16th Apr, 2007 02:48 pm PDT Saxtor said:
A great eulogy for a great car! It should also be noted that the fourth BdW post was about the car. God speed old girl!
on Mon 16th Apr, 2007 03:27 pm PDT Andrew said:
I spent more than a few hours in that car, and I must say, each was an adventure in it's own right. She shall be missed.
on Mon 16th Apr, 2007 04:20 pm PDT Nesbitt said:
Sad. RIP.
on Mon 16th Apr, 2007 08:08 pm PDT Doubting Mom said:
In all honesty I admit that at 250,000 miles with white smoke billowing out her tail pipe I was a non-believer. Marilyn, you have proven that trust alone can make a car go. Wren believed in you to the end.
on Mon 16th Apr, 2007 08:24 pm PDT Jule said:
I would like to advise the members of KUOW not to take any part of the car involved in steering. Marylin, I love you, but talk about a speed shudder! You couldn't look out the rearview mirror, and that wasn't cause she was missing one! It is good to know she has gone to a better place. RIP
on Mon 16th Apr, 2007 08:27 pm PDT Jule said:
whoa! new background for the title of BdW? what gives?
on Mon 16th Apr, 2007 08:27 pm PDT Jule said:
whoa! it changes all the time!
on Mon 16th Apr, 2007 08:53 pm PDT Saxtor said:
Also, since Wren likes statistics, lets take a look at Marilyn's sordid, dirty past.

If Marilyn averaged 30mpg (research shows 27/33mpg city/hwy) she slurped down 10,327 gallons of sweet Middle Eastern nectar in her lifetime. That's a whopping 56800 pounds of carbon she pumped into the ol' atmosphere!

This sounds like a lot, but here is where it shows that Marilyn was an extraordinary car, and Wren an extraordinary car-owner. According to EPA statistics, the average car pumps out 11,681 pounds of carbon per year (at a conservative 12,000mi/year @ 21.1mpg) which means it would take the average driver less than 5 years to generate as much carbon as team Marilyn/Wren.
on Mon 16th Apr, 2007 08:59 pm PDT Saxtor said:
(although, much like our parents used to drink soda with real sugar vs. today's high fructose corn syrup, Marilyn likely drank mostly North American oil in her early days)
on Tue 17th Apr, 2007 11:37 am PDT Sean said:
I gave Marilyn sugar once. Only the best for Marilyn! None of that high fructose corn syrup garbage.
on Wed 18th Apr, 2007 07:05 am PDT Nesbitt said:
By the way Wren, Honda is still kicking.
on Wed 18th Apr, 2007 09:47 am PDT Wren said:
I was thinking of Honda when I wrote this. I remember the jump starts they shared back in the good old Bates' days.
on Wed 18th Apr, 2007 02:56 pm PDT Deanna said:
Marilyn, there is a huge void in my heart(and behind my house) We will miss ya!
on Thu 19th Apr, 2007 08:54 pm PDT Siri said:
I think Elton John said it best in the song "Candle in the Wind":"Goodbye Norma Jean,Though I never knew you at all.You had the grace to hold yourselfWhile those around you crawled. . .And it seems to me you lived your lifeLike a candle in the wind,Never knowing who to cling toWhen the rain set in.And I would have liked to have known youBut I was just a kid.Your candle burned out long before,Your legend never did."Get it? It's a Marilyn Monroe reference. RDRR.
on Fri 20th Apr, 2007 07:26 am PDT me said:
where will the random drunk guy crash now that she's gone?
on Wed 13th Jun, 2007 07:43 pm PDT Auntie Rose said:
Wren'Thanks for taking such loving care of Marilyn. She was so good to me and to you as well.I have never had such a fun time in a car as I did with Marilyn. She was always ready for any adventure, thats why I knew the two of you would be a perfect match. DOn't evben be thinking that you are getting my HYbred TOyota Hylander any time soon however >Love Ya like family, oh thats right you are family. :)

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