Geocaching in Port Townsend

In the interest of revelling in the beauty of the place in which I live, further explore public transportation of the area, and to catch up with an old friend, I headed down to Pt. Townsend on Friday for a day of geocaching. The trip down was a relatively unnoteworthy consisting of a 4 mile bike ride, 2 bus rides, an hour and a half layover, and a ferry ride. Door to door time, 3.75 hours. (This is, as I said, unnoteworthy, but make note because it comes into play later.)

Because I was taking a relatively new cacher out on the hunt, I tried to pick some fun caches. It turns out, I failed pretty miserably on that one. The first cache escaped our searching eyes, the second one was buried beneath a pile of beauty bark, and the third was in a park that was closed for some mysterious reason. Luckily, we bucked that trend with the 4th and 5th attempts of the day. We were quite pleased with ourselves. The last of the day was at Fort Warden State Park and offered this lovely view of the light house (left) as well as this one. Also at the park, I attempted to scare some explorers in the Kinzie Battery, but instead of being rewarded with screams of fright, I was met with a completely disinterested glare. Where are people's sense of fun these days?

To soothe the ache of a mediocre day of caching (and scaring), we sought solace in one of the many fine eateries PT has to offer. After a spectacular lunch earlier at the Thai place (Thai food is good. Maybe I should go to Thailand.), we upped the ante with pizza. It served as the perfect solace for me while some found solace elsewhere.

Because of thwarted caches, good food, and low tides, I missed the ferry I was shooting for coming back. By the time I got to Keystone, it was dark and public transportation had long since ceased. With a little ingenuity, I fashioned a sign and stuck out my thumb. Two rides later, I was back at my bike for the quick jaunt home. Total travel time on the return trip: just under 2 hours. Hmmmm....
Sunday February 18 2007File under: geocaching, pics

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on Mon 19th Feb, 2007 02:17 am UTC Sarah said:
Thanks for the good time! I look forward to the next geocache day with long as you pick better caches. ;) BTW- I always find solace in beer- is there another way?
on Mon 19th Feb, 2007 05:02 am UTC Saxtor said:
Atta boy Wren! Scaring at the old forts is definitely where it's at. Although, hollering "Hey Kid..." apparently doesn't scare people as much as it amuses some others... Man, the Summer scaring sessions were glorious. Also, would the Sarah person you cached with be my former Clearidge neighbor, per chance? She definitely has the right idea about beer, that much is clear.
on Mon 19th Feb, 2007 05:20 am UTC Sarah said:
It is I, Saxtor! Dear ex-Clearidge neighbor. I am happy to hear you, too, enjoy the brew! How's the old neighborhood?
on Mon 19th Feb, 2007 11:19 pm UTC Baby Max said:
Hmmm. The same Sarah who smashed my papa's finger in his locker in 10th grade and then brought him brownies because she felt bad?
on Tue 20th Feb, 2007 04:15 pm UTC Sarah said:
Yeah....sorry about that. :)
on Tue 20th Feb, 2007 06:12 pm UTC Chris said:
Man, you'd think a guy who punctured his lung and takes explosions head-on for a living would be a little tougher about the locker thing. Max, you might want to start looking to your mom for general 'manliness' training.

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