FC 126 - The Blame Game

I was listening to the news on NPR this week, as I am wont to do every now and again, and I heard a report of the Senate debating some bill or another. In my mind, I stripped away the fancy terminology they used and the fact that they were speaking on a national forum, and this comic emerged. And no, the Senate bill was not about cereal.

It really astounds me that which we call politics. It is almost as if it is just a fancy term for the blame game. Yes, yes, I know lots of good comes from politics, but it is sometimes hard to remember that when all you hear on the news is a Democrat blaming the Republicans and vice versa. Jeez, I should have totally colored these boys shirts blue and red, to further the point. When it comes time to put this comic in a book, I'll be sure and do that.

Speaking of a book of comics....*
Friday December 24 2010File under: comic


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