Bike Portland!

Portland likes bikes. Or at least they recognize the value in accommodating and encouraging them. I've never seen a city that is as bike friendly as Portland is. There are bikes racks in front of most establishments, often overfilled. I even saw a neighborhood that blocked off a parallel parking spot and filled it with bike racks so the sidewalk wouldn't be clogged. In the space it takes to park one car, there was space for over a dozen bikes. There is space for bikes on the buses and the MAX (the light rail public transportation), also often filled. But what has impressed me most about the biking scene in Portland is the number and quality of bike routes.

In my short time in Portland, I've probably ridden over 50 miles. The difference riding on designated bike routes makes is huge. Often these routes are on lesser traveled residential streets so you don't have to contend with traffic. When the routes do follow major roads, there is a lane set aside for you, painted and everything. Every time the route makes a turn, there are signs pointing the way and updating the distance (and estimated time) to the major landmarks. And for people not terribly familiar with the area, there is even a route planner.

All the encouragement and accommodation seems to be working. You see bikers everywhere you go, ranging all the way from spandex clad aerodynamic racer types to little old ladies with their groceries. Seeing all these cyclists is so inspiring to me. Whether it is their intention or not, the positive environmental impact of pedaling across town instead of pedal-to-the-metalling across town is huge.

I count my miles bicycling among my favorite experiences here in Portland. It kept me in shape, showed me the city, and saved the planet all at the same time. Yes, I agree with sentiment often heard around the city, on billboards, bumber stickers, and store windows: Bike Portland!
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on Sun 22nd Jul, 2007 07:55 pm PDT Jule said:
I once biked the Portland marathon on a single speed beach cruiser. Everyone else was running and I do believe they were a little jealous! Actually, I biked the side streets shouting encouragement to a running friend. And I agree, Bike Portland.
on Mon 23rd Jul, 2007 05:08 am PDT Chris said:
Yeah, they've got some good routes here, but none of them go where I need to get to. I've biked to work pretty much every day for the last two years and I've got to say the main depressing thing I see is the lack of helmets. I just don't understand the mentality, unless you have the good fortune of running into a corner marshmellow outlet, pretty much anything you hit is taking you down. My favorite is this guy who said they were too expensive - as he was sitting on what had to be a $1,000 bike. I give up, I don't get people.
on Mon 23rd Jul, 2007 10:42 am PDT gretchen said:
i'm with you chris. the no helmet thing kills me. another awesome pdx bike trick the kids like to play is the 10 p.m. bike ride with no helmet, no light, no hands! so frustrating. i don't want to name any names, but somehow some of our friends have fallen in with this crowd(ANDREW and PER!!)...very disappointing.
on Mon 23rd Jul, 2007 03:46 pm PDT per said:
some oblivious little old lady opened her taxi cab door directly into my ring finger the other week. helmets make sense cuz that's where our precious grey matter resides, but man, I've had the need for gloves, and a harnessed dive n' roll, far more than the need for a brain bucket. screw helmets, car owners should be arrested and tried for raping the environment and destroying our cities. peace.
on Tue 24th Jul, 2007 08:27 pm PDT Andrew said:
seatbelts? seatbelts are for nerds lady! and this ain't no nerd taxi!
on Wed 25th Jul, 2007 08:22 am PDT whuppin stick said:
does this mean you aren't in anacortes and don't want to help me make a photo collage of the island today?

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