A New Toy

I splurged. I bought a new toy. (Although, if the IRS asks, it is a tool for work (and it kind of is).) This weekend, I bought the new Samsung Galaxy 4 player. It sounds like a phone. It looks like a phone. It even cost as much as a phone. But it's not a phone.

For a really long time, I've been looking for a portable media/internety thing. I remember way back before the iPod Touch, I was looking at the Sony Mylo (now so out of date it makes me cringed). The things that pushed me over the edge are: I need a new camera, many of the houses I now housesit at have no land line but do have wifi internet, and being able to send and receive texts while waiting for someone can really simplify communications. And Angry Birds. I felt I was really missing out so much without Angry Birds.

It is my hope that along with all the great communications things it can do*, it will benefit this blog. Although the above picture isn't so great*, this one ain't so bad. I guess I'll just have to stop doing exciting things in low light... And, one of the many benefits over the iPod Touch, I can crop and upload the images directly to BdW*.

Anyway, I'm just 24 hours into playing with it, so I'm sure I'll learn much more *. In the meantime, do you have any android app suggestions that I simply can't live without? Drop them below in the comments.
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on Tue 15th Nov, 2011 11:19 pm PST Ryan Walters said:
I've played Angry Birds. I can't figure out why people are so excited about it.
on Wed 16th Nov, 2011 02:40 pm PST soreyes said:
I had this list put together for someone else a while back. sorry... no links and awful formatting:

-alogcat. see the system logs roll by as they are written to
-android. system info - lots of system details
-appbrain. android app store overlay with better search and organization
- cgeo. free geocaching tool
-droid vnc server. connect to android from a pc with vnc client
-droid cam. use the camera on the back of the phone as a webcam over your lan wifi
-dropbox. android client for the cloud storage utility. very handy integration with epistle
-epistle. text editing utility that can sync to dropbox.
-goggles. googles visual search tool
-gmote. turns your device into a toucpad to control a pc over wifi. very very handy for HTPC setups or just using it as an alternative mouse (like a laptop touchpad)
-google sky. this is impressive on a clear night
- movies. flixster rotten tomatoes app. good for film previews, etc
- mVideoPlayer. maybe not the best video playing app, but i like it much better than stock
- my tracks. will record your route on google maps. sweet for keeping track of how far a walk is, etc.
- rainy days. a very straigtforeard weather radar tool. lays the radar over google maps.
- remote rdp lite. windows remote desktop client. free, works perfectly
- scanner radio. police scanner app
- screen filter. shades the screen quite a bit for using it in movie theaters, etc so its not so blinding
- tinyshark. grooveshark mobile client - free streaming music
- torch. use the led flash as a flashlight or strobelight
- vlc stream and convert. turn on the http interface within vlc on your pc. you can connect and browse the pc collection and stream to the phone or convert the file for offline viewing
- world newspapers. handy for getting the news all in once place
on Thu 17th Nov, 2011 05:22 pm PST Juline said:
Words With Friends! Though you're going to have to turn a blind eye to the stupid words it allows. It's still fun.

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